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Mike Pfau

Mike Pfau

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Content consumptuion keeps scaling and with advent of generative transformers it is likely to keep going. The only issue is that what about the human voice. Follow this guide to help you generate text quickly based off of using your voice.

There are many online transcription tools but if you want something accurate that is hosted on your desktop follow this tutorial to get copy into your content quickly. P.s you should have an editorial pass but we will get to that.


All right, so this is a transcription test in DaVinci Resolve and it's going to basically help me write this tutorial for all you guys.

Today it's really complicated to get a bunch of content, especially, you know, making videos and then photos, but it's also really hard to write the copy and make sure that it's engaging and make sure that it sounds like you and has a human voice, but that it's also correct and whatnot.

We have the generative AI that like chat GPT and everything that has made life a bit simpler, but it's a little less authentic and it actually isn't generating from like a consensus rather than communicating your own voice unless you've trained your own neural network, which is great. You should applaud yourself if you can do that and maybe we're doing it too. But the whole point is that this audio from this video is basically going to become a transcription inside of DaVinci Resolve and then we can copy and paste that into our blog and then we can format for paragraphs and then we can run editing through it like an editor through it so that it sounds right. There's not too many weird overlapping sentences or like words that are dead words and things like that and that the spelling is correct.

So you can sit and talk for about a minute and a half and you can talk for a little bit longer than that. It might be a little long winded. You might want to make it more concise, but authentic good text comes from the human being pretty quickly and if you can have a lot of text that then you edit back from, but you're still thinking in the same communicative type of voice, then you're going to have really great content on your site.

And I think that this is kind of the future, at least for what I do, on how I'm going to start generating a lot of context posts that aren't tutorials and a lot of technical writing like code and bullet pointed lists and things like that.

So hope you enjoy. Let's see what the word count is for about two minutes of talking to camera and yeah, I'm excited to show you guys how to do this.

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